Pack’n GREEN

We live in a very interesting transformation period where traditional linear economy is still cost-effective but becomes boring and immature. At the same time circular economy becomes trendy, looks promising and interesting, but we still need to be encouraged to implement sustainable solutions and reduce consumerism behavior

Pack’n GREEN seeks to:

CREATE compostable and naturally biodegradable paper pulp packaging for the food industry certified EN 13432

REDUCE food and packaging waste that are landfilled or incinerated causing negative environmental impacts

INCREASE industrial and personal responsibility to implement sustainability principles in our daily life

From linear to circular

From disposal to recovery

From soil back to the soil

From waste to materials

But be aware! If you can reduce or reuse – DO it!

Where we are at the moment?

Pack’n GREEN is an early stage startup at TRL3 level

Yes… there is still a long way to go, but we are fast!

Important ! We are in strong cooperation with science

Centre of Packing Innovations and Research of Kaunas University of Technology

Sustainability is the future of investing!